Josien Niebuur is an artist living in Groningen, the Northern part of the Netherlands. Her artwork exists out of installations that are interactive, kinetic or computer-based. She has a MFA in Interactive Media and Environment and currently teaches at Minerva Art Academy, Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

As an artist she is interested in technological developments that are shaping our society. As technology has become an important control factor that dictates society how to communicate, act, think and live, she likes to play with these phenomena and reflect on it in her artwork.


Latest project | Working title: #Feedme

Nowadays people are connecting to the Internet and are given the ability to produce as well as consume the information on it. ‘Library of Babel’, by Jorge Luis Borges, is a story in which he describes an infinite library containing all possible books. ‘Library of Babel’ seems eerily predictive of todays internet, which we can think of as a sort of digital ‘total library’ containing a growing amount of valuable information as well as junk. Will we as users experience difficulties to deal with this thriving growth? Will we loose our personal voice, our story in this vortex of information?





The project is an interactive installation that is being continuously fed by social media, more specific the #hashtags used in twitter messages. The increasing amount of collected #hashtag data will be visualized in a physical interactive expanding construction. In the project there will be an uncontrollable amount of information that is growing and reflecting on the process of constantly feeding ourselves with information, both consuming and producing. How do you visualise ‘infobesitas’? The art project will explore and poses these questions about the system that we are actively taking part in, visualised by the dynamics in the installation.